we create

we achieve


We will chat with you about your goals, soccer level, experiences, background or any information that would help us develop you as a player. 

Once we have your goals listed, we will target those specific areas. For example, if your main goal is to develop better shooting technique, we will primarily work on your first touch and shooting. As those two aspects go hand in hand, we will film your session and review film during our water break. 

HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK...no, achieving goals do not stop when you walk off the field. This is where players will begin to separate themselves from the norm. 




This may not be a surprise to many, but club training is NOT enough. Players who go on to play college soccer or professional soccer, train more than 8 hours a week on their own. You cannot expect major individual results from an organization that is destined to develop a team as a whole. 

We attack your goals. We do NOT ever stop. Even when you are not at our session, you will be working on your goals.


Our players receive homework handouts to be completed on a weekly basis. This ensures that players are learning and seeing results OUTSIDE of our training. It shows us commitment and determination. 


The biggest issue with leaving your individual development in the hands of club training is RESULTS. The focus towards individual players is inevitably minimal. Teams have a greater goal and that may not always include individual development aspects. 

Our program allows you to see your results on paper. Each drill has a point system where players can track their overall stats during each session. It doesn't stop here. Players will go home and record their stats for homework. The level of training difficulty will change as the player continues to advance.

As training sessions go on, players can see the changes in their stats. Not only does this help confidence, but it is a clear indicator that certain aspects HAVE gotten better. 

how is our training different?


We are honest. Honesty is the best policy. We are ALWAYS open for honest questions and opinions. We respect our players.


We educate. Every drill will have an educational moment where players will find themselves understanding the objectives of their field position.


We educate OURSELVES. You wont catch us sleeping on a session. We are always striving to better our sessions. 


We are ALWAYS present. Our minds do not wander. We are focused and enthusiastic about ALL of our players. 


We challenge you by requiring that you FAIL. If you are NOT failing, you are NOT getting better. There are moments for failures and moments for successes. We will balance out what you produce.


We will set you at a higher standard than you set yourself. CONFIDENCE building is key. With confidence comes composure and comfortably in practicing what you learn. 


We go beyond our expected limits. You ask for it, we carry it out. You don't ask for it, we still carry it out. 

our training philosophy

At Asteyn Elite Soccer Training, our mission is to ensure that all players reach their highest potential, individual goals and develop lifelong skills of discipline and responsibility.

EVERYTHING we do at Asteyn Elite Soccer Training is designed to promote responsibility, in both life and training. We encourage personal interaction with players and parents. We allow and highly encourage players to reach out personally to their soccer coach with any thoughts or concerns regarding training, advice, accomplishments, college recruiting assistance, etc. We strive to help our players in any way possible. There is no price tag on a coach that's "present" and we strive to fulfill that philosophy.

Our mission separates us from the norm. We take phone calls, texts, emails, and even facetimes from our players. Whether they are showing us a new soccer move they accomplished over the weekend or whether they just received a college scholarship, we are always present.  Players and parents receive more from us than asked.